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#1 best-selling author Pierce Brantley is back with a new way to help you save time, avoid burnout, and find a proven path to stress-free people management.

You will discover:

  • Why most business owners fail to grow their business to its full potential and what to do about it
  • How to get busy work off your plate for good
  • The exact steps to structure work and reporting
  • A new approach to delegation for today’s fast-paced business climate
  • Four new strategies for creating a workplace that works for you
  • What a new hire needs to be successful (even without you watching)

"Pierce is counted among the best-selling and most prolific business authors with global renown..."

— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"With humor and clarity, Brantley walks us through the big truth—that time might be your most valuable asset as a business-owner—and what you can do to get it back."
— Independent Book Review

"With a focus on organization, time management, and employee relations, this is a must read guide for anyone in a business leadership role."
— BookLife

Avoid burnout and learn a new skill in 2023


An ironclad approach to stop entrepreneurial burnout for good.

What keeps you from your full potential as an entrepreneur?

Is it your work ethic? No. Is it your talent? Not likely. The single thing that will keep you from reaching your potential is a limit to your own time. As your business grows, your time as an entrepreneur is slowly taxed. The only way to reclaim the time tax is to start leveraging the time and talent of other people.

But how?

Modern businesses need to move faster than ever before and the old ways of managing people simply don't work. In Not Your Job, you will discover a new form of management designed for business owners that will empower you to save time, avoid burnout, and do what you love forever.

Book Overview

Put your business on autopilot and give every employee the system they need to do their best work.

Chapter Overview

Chapter One — The Entrepreneur's Dilemma

Discover why most businesses never reach their full potential and how to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

Chapter Two — Buy a Job or Build a Business

Learn the two paths you can take as entrepreneur and how to avoid burnout once and for all.

Chapter Three — The Mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs

Discover the missing mindset you need to to free yourself from mindless work and get people begging to work for you.

Chapter Four — An Introduction To The Elevator Effect

Discover a new approach to delegation that turns old-management and puts your business on autopilot.

Chapter Five — Know What I Know

Learn how to inspire your employees and communicate in way that gets people to commit to your business vision.

Chapter Six — Do What I Do

A one-and-done strategy to train and model work so it gets done the right way, the first time.

Chapter Seven — How Create Manageable Work

The exact steps to create and structure repeatable, learnable tasks in your business (so you never need to do them again).

Chapter 8 — What Is Proper Technique (And Why It Matters)
Discover how to teach, train, and delegate work that differentiates you from the competition.

Chapter 9 — How To Manage an Employee's Time
Learn how to estimate work loads, manage timelines, and measure performance for peak efficiency.

Chapter 10 — Tell What You Know
Teach employees how to self-report on their performance and continually improve their work.

Chapter 11 — Show What You Do
Learn how and when to promote an employee and how to manage a transition without any hiccups.

Chapter 12 — Two Powerful Delegation Strategies and How To Use Them
Learn two approaches to delegation that will supercharge your business and free up your time for good.

Chapter 13 — How to Manage For Longterm Success
Discover what it takes to keep your business healthy for as long as you own it.

Tons of Free Bonuses

Task Assignment Template

A one-and-done tool to build to help you assign and structure an employee's work load.

Work Performance Worksheet

A simple-but-effective tool to help you evaluate employee performance.

Time Management Template

Determine how much time a task should take and whether it was done to your standard.

Work Themes Worksheet
A useful worksheet that helps you craft the perfect role for a new hire.

Task Go-No-Go Worksheet

A new way to build out checklists and make sure an employee never misses a critical step in their work.

Employee Reporting Template

A flexible tool to help you build the perfect meeting for reporting on performance and work done.

Job Description Template

Craft the perfect job description—so both you and the employee have clear expectations about the work ahead.

Escalation Plan Template

Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Use this template to eliminate surprises, course correct, and never have a sleepless night again.

Time Audit Calculator

A powerful tool for entrepreneurs to help you recover your time for what is most important to you and your business.

Workshop Planning Tool
A fantastic tool to help you structure onboarding and training for new hires.

About The Author

Pierce Brantley is a husband, father, and Christian entrepreneur.

He has helped thousands of business owners and F500s create companies that innovate and achieve their goals through better management and inspired thinking. He is the author of Calling, Power Love Sound Mind, and Creating Heroes and his work has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, Associated Press, Authority Magazine and Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global. When he’s not speaking, consulting, or writing his next book, you can find him at the park with his kids or enjoying a good cigar.

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